The Food Experience at the THU London Gathering

London food experience

We don’t want to sound like we are food-obsessed, but we are. Food to us is not just something you nibble down to fill your stomach, get some energy, and live on, it’s part of an experience, just like everything else at THU events.

That’s why it wasn’t easy to find the right catering for the THU London Gathering taking place this Thursday at the Kachette, starting from 6pm.

After looking hard, we chose to team up with Chef Events LTD, a London-based catering service that shares our same love (and respect) for food, and that designs creative food concepts and kick-ass events.

The chefs and staff of Chef Events LTD will be sure to deliver a unique food menu under the supervision of founder Greg Tuvey and director Louis Morgan.

Chef Events LTD works with quality locally sourced ingredients and skilled chefs to produce its seasonal menus. They believe in maximum flavour over fuss and their high-end street food is presented simply, on natural materials.

We will be offering a three course meal, with appetizers to begin with, a main course, and desserts. There will be different options for vegetarians.

We’ll have craft beer for the alcohol-lovers, but also sodas and water for those who prefer not to drink.

The THU and Chef Events LTD staff will do their best to try and accommodate your requests and respect your dietary requirements.

We suggest not only coming to the London Gathering with an open mind, but also with an open stomach!

See you there.