Win a full ride to THU

Every year we launch a competition to give one talented artist the chance to grab the Golden Ticket – the last remaining ticket to the main event in Tróia!

Let the challenge begin!

For the fifth consecutive year, we are holding the challenge that will let you win the last available ticket for THU! This year's theme is THU Clans!

Submissions from May 8 to July 3, 2017
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  • The last THU ticket

  • Flight plan

  • Hotel & meals in Tróia
    Hotel for 3 day stay in Lisbon

  • More rewards up for grabs

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The history of the Golden Ticket


THU Reborn

Grace Liu
Number of entries
Prize worth

In 2016, we asked artists to imagine a new world, born from the darkness, where the spirit of the artist is reborn. A world where art is the common language and the future has infinite possibilities.

The winner was Grace Liu, a 3D artist specialized in hand-painted low-poly, concept artist and illustrator based in Texas, USA.

Grace liu 275ba8907e6e5d6146fdabeee3262018ba17a23093ff59bda03592a66c04f75e

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THU Tribe

Jakob Eirich (Yakonosuke)
Number of entries
Prize worth

2015’s challenge was all about The Tribe, whatever that means to you: be it a character, a set of characters, a landscape, or a more abstract concept.

The winner was Jakob Eirich, a freelance concept artist and illustrator living and working in Salzgitter, Germany.

Jakob eirich yakonosuke 043b7a33f58042fa3563e2c15b06224e87cabd3470b2aa2f41c80501e6970a74

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THU Warrior

Max Kostenko
Number of entries
Prize worth

In 2014, the challenge was to create a THU Warrior. As always, entrants went above and beyond to invent some incredibly creative characters.

The winner was Max Kostenko, a talented digital artist from Moscow, specialising in illustration and character design.

Max kostenko bae637ff47bcbc1774d01ead632b1ba736019b94d93079e0e42a72c0390cf90e

THU Friend or foe

Dor Shamir
Number of entries
Prize worth

In 2013, we challenged artists to digitally create a new character to represent THU – the Trojan Horse was a Unicorn mascot.

Dor Shamir struck gold: having always loved creating unique and interesting characters, and fascinated by cartoons and cinema, he drew on his 10 years of experience in the industry to design and perfect his character.

Dor shamir 1039712cf30a8e5e6c07d387ac9ff00be656b17e053421672dc17744f77d8732

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