THU is a 6-day experience that will transform you

Inspirational talks

Our Knights will share their life experiences and stories. They will inspire you to become better artists and creators.

check this Inspirational talk


Masterclasses focus more on specific techniques. Our Knights will teach you their techniques and tricks that will help you improve your skills.


An opportunity to simulate a real world creative work environment with the task of bringing ideas for movies, games, or animations to life as a team, guided by some of our most valiant knights. It’s all about leadership, teamwork, and making decisions under pressure.

watch Co-Labs Ep. 1


These sessions give you one hour a day to sit down with your favourite artists together with a small group. Show them your portfolio, ask them questions, learn from them, and get their advice.


Recruitment at THU is relaxed, personal and intimate, just like THU itself. Some of the leading digital art companies in the world will be there to see your work, so update your portfolio and you might land your dream job.

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recruitment companies

Career guidance

THU career guidance sessions will guide you on how to present your art in the best way possible. Our partner Gnomon will help you prepare for the job market, art school submissions and guide you on your path.

Curated by Gnomon

Fine arts at The Gallery

At THU we like to go back to basics with good old-fashioned drawing sessions with art models, hands-on workshops and live demos. Improve your skills and sketch away!

see a tour of THU 2016 Gallery


New activity at THU! Bringing the business side to THU for creators and artists interested in developing their own IPs, projects, companies or their work as freelancers. Bring your notebook!

Paint over

Our Knights will lead you through a session of portfolio improvement. They will paint over some of the attendees’ portfolios while sharing experiences and giving advice.

Tribe building

THU is special because of the bonds it helps create amongst Tribe members through various activities over the course of the event. It’s a THU tradition to gather the Tribe on fun and engaging activities.


Sunday 17

You will have shuttles from the airport to THU. Take some time to settle in, get out of jetlag, relax and enjoy the beach and the sunset.

The Welcome desk will be open if you want to collect your badge and get to know our Staff’s friendly faces!

Monday 18 and Tuesday 19

The first two days we host the recruitment sessions and career guidance, where you can have interviews with awesome companies, get your portfolio reviewed, receive valuable feedback and grow as a creator.

Tribe building activities will also take place, for anyone not looking to go to the recruitment sessions.

Wednesday 20 - Saturday 23

You will have four intense and packed days full of activities! These usually start around 9 AM and go until 1 AM with talks, masterclasses, Co-Labs and others. Of course, you will have breaks to recharge and eat some good food. You can stay up until late to chat, draw and hang out with attendees and speakers in our lounge areas.

We like to wrap up THU with an unforgettable moment. So on Saturday the party goes on until the early hours of Sunday!

Sunday 24

We have several shuttles taking you to the airport (schedules will be published closer to the event) starting early in the morning.

Some attendees like to hangout in Lisbon before going home, so you can always have company and enjoy a little bit more the THU experience.

A big thank you to our partners!

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