There is so much to be seen, so many talks to be heard, so many activities you won't want to miss.

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These sessions give you one hour a day to sit down with your favourite artists together with a small group. Show them your portfolio, ask them questions, learn from them, and get their advice.


Recruitment at THU is relaxed, personal and intimate, just like THU itself. Some of the leading digital art companies in the world will be there to see your work.


These talks are all about the technological side of the industry.

Inspirational talks

Our Knights will share their life experiences and stories. They will inspire you to become better artists and creators.


Masterclasses focus more on specific techniques. Our Knights will teach you their techniques and tricks that will help you improve your skills.

Tribe building

THU is special because of the bonds it helps create amongst Tribe members through various activities over the course of the event. It’s a THU tradition to gather the Tribe on fun and engaging activities.

Fine arts at The Gallery

At THU we like to go back to basics with good old-fashioned drawing sessions with art models, hands-on workshops and live demos. Improve your skills and sketch away!


Bringing the business side to THU for creators and artists interested in developing their own IPs, projects, companies or their work as freelancers. Bring your notebook!

Paint over

Our Knights will lead you through a session of portfolio improvement. They will paint over some of the attendees’ portfolios while sharing experiences and giving advice.

Career guidance

THU career guidance sessions will guide you on how to present your art in the best way possible. Our partner Gnomon will help you prepare for the job market, art school submissions and guide you on your path.