A one-of-a-kind experience

Over THU’s six days you can count on non-stop activities – get your creative juices flowing and bond with the Tribe!

Inspirational talks

Our mighty knights will discuss their experiences, share their stories, deconstruct industry myths, and inspire you to become better artists.


A good artist combines both imagination and technique – at THU we give you insight into both. Masterclasses focus on the latter, helping you to brush up on your skills and learn some tricks from industry legends.


An opportunity to simulate a real world creative work environment with the task of bringing ideas for movies, games, or animations to life as a team, guided by some of our most valiant knights. It’s all about leadership, teamwork, and making decisions under pressure.


These sessions give you the time to sit down with your favourite artists, show them your portfolio, ask them questions, learn from them, and get their advice.


This is not your average recruitment fair, so don’t expect company booths or job interviews. Recruitment at THU is relaxed, personal and intimate, just like THU itself. Some of the leading digital art companies in the world will be there to see your work, so update your portfolio and you might land your dream job.

Portfolio reviews

Your portfolio is your first chance to impress someone. Digital artists love to see each other’s work and get feedback, and THU portfolio reviews will guide you on how to present your art in the best way possible.

Life drawing

Digital tools are important, but a strong artistic foundation is an absolute must. At THU we like to go back to basics with good old-fashioned drawing sessions with live models. Improve your skills and sketch away!

Tribe building

THU is special because of the bonds it helps create amongst Tribe members through various activities over the course of the event. It’s a THU tradition to gather the Tribe on crazy, silly, but really fun activities. Think exercise. Think championship. Think different!

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Be ready for some crazy days in Tróia!

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