How to get there

It’s actually really simple: it just takes a quick journey from Lisbon Airport to get here. Get ready for an adventure, Troia is waiting for you!

Three steps to begin the best week ever!

Flying to Lisbon

The Lisbon International Airport is the closest one to get to THU. We teamed up with United and Emirates airlines to offer 10% discount off flights to Lisbon!

Enter the following codes on the airlines website when booking your ticket:

  • Emirates EVE6THU

    Choose dates between 12 September - 28 September 2017

  • United ZY8X128872

    Choose dates between 6 September - 3 October 2017

Shuttles from the airport to Setúbal

Look out for the THU Welcome Point, where you will find THU Team members who will help guide you through your journey, from the airport to Tróia and back again.

THU provides free shuttles to take our Tribe members from the Lisbon airport to Setúbal (and back, too!) It’s a 50 min ride.

  • 50 min.
  • Free

We will provide more information about schedules closer to the event.

Boats from Setúbal to Tróia

Once in Setúbal, you’ll take a ferry to Tróia. It’s a great chance to take in the beautiful natural surroundings. (20 min ride, 6.75)

  • 20 min.
  • 6.75

Check the boat schedules to Tróia

Need help? Reach out to our team!

If you're arriving early or missed the shuttle

Metro Red line + Blue line

AirportJardim ZoológicoSete Rios

Take the red line and change at São Sebastião to the blue line.

  • 20 min.
  • 1.9

Check the metro line map

Train Fertagus

Sete RiosSetúbal

Exit the metro station and go to Sete Rios Train Station just upstairs. Search for the trains of the Fertagus line going to Setúbal.

  • 50 min.
  • 4.45

Check train schedules to Setúbal

Boat Catamarã


Take a taxi from the train station to the boat terminal. If you prefer to walk it’s around 1.5km (18 min).

  • 15 min.
  • 6.75

Check boat schedules to Tróia

Getting back to Lisbon

Just like on your arrival, we’ll have shuttle buses to get you back to the airport. Simply sign up for your preferred bus during the event. The airport can be busy so leaving a few hours to check in is advisable.

Where to Stay

Aqualuz Air View

One thing is certain: you won’t want to miss a single minute of THU. Activities start at 9AM and finish around 3AM, so we advise staying in Tróia and close to the action.

We have partnered up with local hotels and we got special deals on local hotels in Tróia.
Check more information here!


THU takes place in the amazing peninsula of Tróia (looks like an island, we know!). Our venue is spread between a couple of buildings all really close to each other (check the map to have a better feeling)

More info

You can read more info on our FAQs here
And know more about Tróia, Setúbal and Lisbon here