Is there a final place and date for THU 2016?

Yes. THU 2016 will take place from 19-24 September '16, in Tróia Portugal. Tróia is the perfect resort for the THU magic to begin and the ideal place for this creative retreat. We are blessed to have received interest from so many neighbouring countries, and so much love and support from each and every one of them. But we are of thrilled to be able to keep THU in its original home.

Can I still get a ticket?

Tickets for the main event of THU 2016 have sold out in 7 days. You can join our waiting list on the website, in case any tickets open up. You can also participate on the "THU Golden Ticket Challenge", which will launch in late March. A Golden Ticket for THU means you get the last available ticket for the event, with travel and lodging costs taken care of. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page to see more news.

It turns out I can't make it after all. What can I do?

We're sorry to hear that. Send us an e-mail at, with your personal information and ticket ID so we can refund you. (refunds are only available until 19 August). And you can always join the THU experience from your home, with THU TV. Tickets and more information coming soon.

new site coming soon

Tróia - Portugal September ´16

Tickets for the event are sold out.

You can always sign up for the waiting list, in case any of our Warriors can't make it to the battle in September.

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