THU 2017 : what to expect

Thu 2017 what to expect

Trojan Horse was a Unicorn is an event unlike anything else. Every year hundreds of creatives gather at THU to find inspiration, learn more about the industry they work in, network, and share their experiences. Initially, THU was just a Digital Art rave where creative people could talk about everything and share successes and failures to inspire each other and grow together, as a Tribe. Today it's much more than that. Most of all, it has become a reference point for creatives across the world.

This year's event will once again take place in Troia, Portugal, on an over 15km long beach bordering the Atlantic Ocean, from September 18 to 23.

The intention is always that of helping our Tribe of digital artists to grow and learn how to control and best use their superpower, because that’s what creativity is.

THU is the culmination of a 365 days effort. When one event ends, we start preparing the next one, always bearing in mind your feedback and suggestions.

This year, like every year, we are going to make some improvements and changes to the THU experience in Troia.

We’re trying to give you a better balance between hands-on activities and talks. The goal is to make sure that each attendee makes the most out of the six days in Troia by not spending too much time doing the same activity. This way it’s also easier to keep the energy levels higher.

The structure of an average day will be the following: talk, hands-on activity, mentorship, talk, mentorship. Of course this may vary by September, but we are convinced it will only be better.

Fireside chats will be returning to THU this year and will be the last activity to take place at night. Who wouldn’t enjoy a cozy conversation with their favorite speaker and fellow Tribe members before going to bed?

There will be a special event taking place every afternoon at The Gallery – our very own creative space of 1500m2 for the Tribe to hang out in, brainstorm, learn, and create.

Portfolio reviews and mentorships will be upgraded, with more detailed feedback and more interaction between the mentors and the attendees.

Last year was the first edition of the Co-Labs and, as some of you may already have seen in the THU TV show about this part of the experience, it was a very successful one. This year, the Co-Labs are going to have more teams and more time to create the final pitch for a visual art project, allowing participants to gain more control over the situation.

We are also trying to create a similar workshop/activity about management and enterpreneurship for THU 2017. Also because not many people are well trained for this part of the job, which doesn’t just require talent and creativity, but also good business skills.

Let’s not forget that the first two days of THU are dedicated to Tribe-building activities and recruitment, where we guarantee the digital entertainment industry’s top companies’ presence. As for Tribe-building, it can only get crazier and more fun and creative. Bonding and getting comfortable with the Tribe is the key to the success of your experience at THU.

Since many end up staying a few days extra in and around Lisbon, we are going to organize an official THU dinner to decompress all together after the intense days in Troia.

Tickets for this year’s event will go on sale on February 15, but to make THU more accessible and give everyone a chance to attend, we have prepared different payment plans.

You can choose to pay your ticket as a whole at the time of purchase or even by installments. Depending on when you purchase your ticket, you can choose to make between 2 to 5 payments. Your ticket will be reserved as soon as you make the first one. We hope this will allow more of you to be able to participate this year. All tickets include access to the entire THU experience, as well as the shuttle service to and from Lisbon airport.

We are doing our best to make your time at THU unforgettable and are looking forward to sharing more exciting news with you soon.

The THU Team