THU London Gathering: tickets, guests, activities, and everything you need to know

London gathering

THU's first Gathering of 2017 is drawing nearer! On May 11, at six o'clock in the evening, old and new members of the Tribe will unite at the Kachette, in the lively neighborhood of Shoreditch, East London's artistic hub.

Anyone is welcome to join the Tribe for an evening of inspiration, art, and creativity. Tickets are already available here!

The purpose of these events is that of reaching out to local art communities, empowering them and connecting them with each other in the hope to overall improve and promote the digital entertainment industry. If you share our same passion, don't miss out!

Talks by inspirational and influential speakers, including THU Founder Andre Luis and Axis Animation's Managing Director Richard Scott, live demos by Foundry’s Creative Specialist Richi Paramo, constructive discussions, and a gastronomic experience will all be taking place at the same time.

In fact, as most of you probably already know, we think it's very important to bond over a meal like family does, which is why we have arranged food and drinks for everyone. The whole experience will be a body and soul one!

The novelty of this year's Gatherings is the introduction of a round table discussion: Let's talk about this! that will give you the chance to share your thoughts on interesting and relevant issues concerning the digital entertainment industry, and to shape its future.

In London, animation experts Jimmy Kiddell (The Mill), Jaime Maestro (Blue Dream Studios Spain), and Simone Giampaolo (Blue Zoo Animation Studio) will be discussing if it is a good thing or not that the lines between live-action feature films and animation are blurring. The discussion will also be broadcast live for free on THU TV for those of you who can't make it.

Lenovo, Foundry, and Axis Animation are supporting this initiative with us, because the final goal of all these companies is the same as THU's: to support global digital artists wherever they are and however they can.

If you won't be in London on that day, remember you can still join the round table discussion via our live-stream. Also, we have a Gathering in Berlin and one in Paris coming up. Sign up to our newsletter to stay up-to-date with all THU events and get notified when tickets to our events become available!

The appointment for now is in London, at 18:00, at the Kachette, 347 Old Street. Click here to get your ticket now! We look forward to seeing you there.